Corporate Life is Tough. Be Gentle.

Corporate Life is Tough. Be Gentle.

My 19-year old nephew just got an internship at a major bank last week.  In a few months, he will join thousands of fresh college graduates as new professionals in the corporate world.  For me, my nephew is just a baby.  How will he deal with the harshness in the workplace?

In my 25 years of professional experience, I have encountered all types.  The bullies, the motherly titas, the green-minded manyak, the know-it-all, the gate keepers, the movers and the shakers.  It’s been a roller coaster ride of sorts dealing with different personalities and keeping your sanity and peace as you climb the corporate ladder.

Looking back, how I wish I had a how-to handbook to deal with office politics and toxic relationships.  Most of what we did through the years was trial and error, hit or miss.  It may come as a surprise but I have found that, in the toughness of the workplace, gentleness often accomplishes more than force.  And yes, you can reach the top even if you are kind.  And no, kindness does not mean being a doormat.

This blog hopes to share my own experiences and those of my friends and colleagues on what we have seen work in the corporate setting.  I hope you will find these tips helpful and useful as you navigate the tough workplace with a gentle heart.  Peace!

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